Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Experiments with Red and Purple

So, you know those free lipsticks you get with purchase sometimes? The color is never right. It's always an awkward brown-ish beige or a weird purple. Well, that's what happens to me all the time, but I rarely have the heart to throw away the lipstick. So, I get saddled with weird, unwearable colors.

Because of my ban on eye makeup due to my eye abrasion though, I decided to try out some new things with lipstick, especially the darker colors I had. I had a weird mauve-purple color from Lancome, but it was too purple to wear alone, so I got the idea to pair it with another unwearable color - a cheap Wet 'n Wild red.

I actually think it turned out rather well and was sort of fun!

The lipsticks.

The Lancome color, Mauvette in Rogue Absolut.

The Wet n' Wild Color in 526B.

The colors swatched - the mixed color, the Wet n' Wild, and the Lancome color.

The result with flash! First I applied the Lancome as a base, blotted, applied the red, and then reapplied the Lancome. I went around the lips with concealer to do a bit of cleanup work after. I don't like lip liners.

And the result without flash, though I don't think this accurately represents the saturation.

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