Friday, January 7, 2011

Coconut Oil

Alright, so I was taking a bath the other day when I noticed a tub of coconut oil placed near the bath. Curious, as always, and slightly bored with my choice of bath reading (Pride and Prejudice, for my coursework next term), I decided to investigate. The label told me that coconut oil is a wonderful product for your skin and your hair. So, like any good investigator, I slathered it all over my hair and general self.

I was a doubter, but my hair, which had a severe cause of the split ends before my haircut yesterday, actually felt relatively normal, and my skin was as soft as a baby's. Guys, this stuff is wonderful and I encourage you to try it out! It's actually encouraged me to look into some more natural treatments. The kind I used was from Whole Foods and is called Barlean's Organic Oils line. It's extra virgin and cold pressed, all of which my research told me was important to look for. Make sure the kind you use is organic! Don't want any toxins on the skin.

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