Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Morning Routine

So, I'll admit it. I am in a makeup rut, and not the good kind.

Typically, in the mornings, I am so tired after waking up that I put on the same few products halfheartedly and sometimes (gasp!) even over the last night's makeup. Embarrassing, really.

It goes like this: MUFE concealer, Ebony MAC pencil, sometimes mascara in the first tube I can get. Occasionally, I'll put on NARS Roman Holiday, but only occasionally. Now that vacation has begun and finals are done though, I am trying to break out of this as much as I can. I love putting on makeup and it's a shame I haven't been doing so.

So today I tried a few new things: NARS Étrusque shadow (a beautiful antique gold), Revlon Bitten lipstain, MAC Ebony, and the lovely Sonia Kashuk liquid blush. Very fun with a strong check! I would post a picture, but again, camera issues. I will return home tomorrow and I promise pictures then!


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